*Morodalsfestivalen is held in Nord-Odal, an hour’s drive north of Oslo and 40 minutes from Gardemoen Airport.*

What is Morodalsfestivalen?


«Diversity enriches the experience«

Morodalsfestivalen is a musicfestival for people with intelectual disabilities and everyone who loves fun!

Morodalsfestivalen is a music festival with famous and beloved artists, but it is also a festival with meaning. Morodalsfestivalen is inclusive both on stage and in front of the stage. We want to create a cultural and social arena for dialogue, equality and solidarity through shared positive experiences. Morodalsfestivalen has received both national and international attention for its inclusive profile.


Morodalsfestivalen During the six years it has been arranged gained a surprisingly large geographic catchment, which only widens. We have now had groups of festival participants from 13 counties in Norway and two counties in Sweden. We have also had visits at the festival of groups both from the Netherlands, Spain and England.

On facebook we now have «followers» from nearly 60 countries.

At the festival you will find activities, information booth, and stalls selling barbecue, coffee, waffles, ice cream, soda and beer. Festival participants can also enjoy free boat rides on the lake – and free rides along the country road with American veteran cars.

As part of the festival’s cultural diversity, we also want to focus on different artistic expressions.The audience will experience exhibitions, installations, dance and poetry as part of the festival area.

We are working toward inclusion being a part of all creative preparations made with décor, and so on throughout the year in advance of the festival.

Morodalsfestivalen is a registered voluntary organization – and all work with the festival is voluntary and unpaid work.The festival is organized in collaboration with Norsk forbund for utviklingshemmede (NFU).

Next festival will be held: June 16th 2018Fun Vally 4


Where are we?

When will Morodalsfestivalen be next?

June 16th 2018

Tickets for the festival?

–>You can now pre-order tickets for the festival here!
The price for these tickets are only 290,- (NOK)

(with these you get your own entrance, and won’t stand in line!)

–>Tickets are purchased at the entrance on the actual day of the festival.
The price for these tickets are 350,- (NOK) for all adults, including companions.
All children under the age of 10 come in for free.

–>If you have any questions, please contact us at our phone number: 00 47 99 12 12 34


If you need a place to stay during our festival, you can contact Ulf Larsen and he will help you make arrangements for accomodations.
Ulf can be contacted by phone: 00 47 95 74 78 05

Who will perform at Morodalsfestivalen 2018?

Check out Our facebook-page MORODALSFESTIVALEN for the latest updates!


Who are we?

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